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Florical has been providing television automation solutions to broadcasters, network operators and others since 1986.  We believe our automation products offer the best breed of solutions to our customer partners.  Our solutions provide a great deal of flexibility, which allows us to work with you to determine how Florical automation can best be implemented to meet your operational and workflow requirements.

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Florical introduces a new integrated playout solution called FéniX. The server features SDI and IP I/O options on the same box. It includes integrated MC switching, branding, and DVE effects. The FéniX is powered by Harmonic technology and Florical's enterprise automation suite creating the most comprehensive system on the market

FéniX Integrated Playout

Acuitas is Florical’s COTS channel-in-a-box solution that embeds the automation software on the same platform as the video server. Utilizing enhanced IT technology the Acuitas can now be configured in a SAN architecture to take advantage of a single storage solution. Acuitas is powered by Matrox technology and HPE server.

SAN Acuitas channel-in-a-box

Are you frustrated by seeing local graphics stepping on programmed graphics in a syndicated show? This experience should be flawless for the on-air viewer. Florical enhances our MediaTimer product to provide the ability to automatically schedule common secondary events for automatic insertion and playback in the Airboss playlist.

Traffic Assist with 
Automated Secondary Events

Florical has enhanced their BXF Server to import hundreds of schedules and thousands of messages for a true enterprise architecture for managing hundreds of channels within the same environment. This was created for a 500 channel Airboss system for live integration with Traffic.

BXF Server Multi-threaded Import Service 

Florical has added an integrated SCTE-104 message service within Airboss for a better OTT experience. Using the Ciro A. Noronha’s, PhD and Director of Technology of Cobalt Digital, model for utilizing SCTE-104 within the traditional playout environment for a more enhanced interface to OTT applications with Florical’s Airboss provides a seamless experience.

Integrated SCTE-104 Message Service

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